Mumbai City of Dreams

Mumbai is a piece of the glorious cosmopolitan sub-landmass of India. In the pioneer period, Mumbai (Bombay) was viewed as a standout amongst the most critical urban communities by the British. I am a habitation of this city and feel that I am favored to be conceived and raised in this lovely city. Mumbai gives me a personality and does right by me. However the weakening situation of this city demoralizes me. Today's reality is a time of innovation. It is a period in which science flourishes. The wrongdoing rate in our nation increments by the hour. It is time our city adapts to present circumstances. For that, we need better policemen to fix security and redesigned weapons to verify nobody goes too far. Every criminal ought to be rebuffed and made a sample of with the goal that others fear the way of off-base. Ladies and kids ought to have the capacity to work openly on boulevards without the tension of being abducted and assaulted basically in light of the fact that there ought to be no imperfection in the security framework.


Mumbai is otherwise called the Glitter town of India. The city has a breathtaking side to it. The's who of the film business and industrialists can be spotted at late night gatherings and get to be Page 3 famous people. These same individuals are in the news for the wrong reasons also.

Be that as it may, the genuine legends are the supposed white collar class of Mumbai. They go by the swarmed prepare and go to work. They juggle a great deal of things in a day. Regardless of the fact that they are drained toward the day's end, it is the excitement and vitality in them that keeps their life kicking. The trains are the life of Mumbai. They convey a great many individuals to work and back home. If the train routes of Mumbai are disturbed for an hour, the city automatically comes to halt.

In case if you are not travelling through the local trains you would miss the hot gossips, dresses, daily trends and all. Have you ever known about dabbawalas offering discourse to administration understudies? It happens just in Mumbai. They give addresses on time administration, as they are acclaimed for conveying lunch boxes at the opportune time at better places and are never late. Their time administration kissas are famous to the point that they were even welcomed for Prince Charles wedding.

When you meet a Mumbaikar, you won't have the ability to make out where he or she is from. It is a cosmopolitan city. A Mumbaite is a blend of everything as they assimilate the way of life and customs of everybody. One can gain every one of the dialects right from Tamil, Malyalam to Urdu, Bhojpuri, Nepali, and Bengali and even know their way of life and customs.

The largest slum exists in Mumbai - Dharavi There is no legitimate sanitation, insufficient supply of drinking water, and the encompassing region is extremely unhygienic. Still individuals lead their life there with a grin all over. The legislatures dream to change the city into Shanghai may be extremely troublesome yet it is not inconceivable. It may take 10 years for the city to change, as it needs to wipe off destitution and give convenience to a huge number of individuals who enter the city consistently. For this, the natives of Mumbai ought to loan some assistance and give backing to gradually kill neediness and keep the city clean.


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Daksha  (Mumbai)
I want to go ghatkoper from borivali Can I get pass from borivali to ghatkoper and was is pass at for second class
kanhaiya kumar  (Nawada)
Hame Mumbai(air force station jana hai
Mandar teli  (kankavli)
Pls extra train for 6 am to kankavli to mum an anymore
kalpesh rajput  (mumbai )
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