Go India smart card

Go India smart card

What exactly is the Go India Smart Card?

The Go India Smart Card had been launched way back in 2011, on a pilot and experimental basis. The project has been kick started with much enthusiasm and fanfare once again on two sectors – New Delhi – Mumbai and New Delhi-Howrah.

Passengers can avail of this card to purchase both the reserved as well as the unreserved seats at few selected Unreserved Ticketing Systems and the Passenger Ticketing Systems. They can also avail this facility through their Go India Smart Cards at the Automatic Ticket Vending Machines on both these routes.

According to the Go India Smart Card Scheme, passengers need to pay a Rs. 70 initially out of which Rs. 50 will be treated as a one-time fee while the rest Rs. 20 will be available as balance. The Go India Smart Card can then be recharged in multiples of Rs. 50 up to a maximum limit of Rs. 5000.

The maximum permissible limit on the Go India Smart Card is Rs. 10,000.

How to get a Go India Smart Card?

The Go India Smart Card has lifetime validity, although the Ministry of Railways, India has said that the Go India Smart Card will be temporarily deactivated if the Go India Smart Card is not used for consecutive 6 months and remains inactive. However, the users can reactivate the card by paying only Rs. 50.

The Ministry of Indian Railways has also launched a consumer complaint and suggestion portal along with a unique mobile app to accept and track the suggestions and complaints launched by the users and commuters.


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