Virar to Dahanu Train

Trains Virar Vaitarna Saphale Kelve Rd. Palghar Umroli Boisar Vangaon Dahanu
109 Virar to Bharuch 04:10 4:21 04:30 04:37 04:46 -- 04:57 05:07 05:23
743 Virar to Sanjan 04:40 04:49 04:57 05:03 05:12 05:19 05:26 05:35 05:50
747 Virar to Dahanu 05:40 05:49 05:57 06:03 06:12 06:19 06:26 06:35 06:50
757 Virar to Dahanu 06:15 06:24 06:32 06:38 06:47 06:54 07:01 07:10 07:25
147 Virar to Surat 07:40 07:51 08:00 08:09 08:24 -- 08:40 08:59 09:11
749 Virar to Dahanu 08:30 08:39 08:47 08:53 09:02 09:09 09:16 09:25 09:45
245 Virar to Vapi 10:38 10:49 10:58 11:07 11:18 -- 11:30 11:40 11:53
139 Virar to Valsad 11:30 11:41 11:50 11:57 12:06 -- 12:18 12:28 12:43
759 Virar to Dahanu 11:55 12:04 12:12 12:18 12:27 12:34 12:41 12:50 13:05
755 Virar to Dahanu 13:20 13:29 13:37 13:43 13:52 13:59 14:06 14:15 14:30
239 BCT to Ahmd 14:18 14:29 14:38 14:45 14:54   15:08 15:30 15:42
161 Borivali to Dahanu 16:35 16:46 16:55 17:02 17:11 17:20 17:27 17:37 17:55
137 Virar to Surat 17:10 17:21 17:30 17:37 17:46 -- 17:57 18:08 18:38
123 BCT to Valsad 18:00 18:09 18:17 18:23 18:32 18:39 18:46 18:55 19:10
761 Virar to Dahanu 19:28 19:39 19:48 19:55 20:05 -- 20:16 20:26 20:38
143 Virar to Dahanu 22:45 22:56 23:05 23:14 23:25 -- 23:37 23:47 00:04
241 BCT to Viramgam 00:18 -- 00:38 00:47 01:00 -- 01:36 01:50 02:04


About Virar to Dahanu road.

Dahanu is around 65 km north from Virar. It is on the Western Railway line of Mumbai Suburban Railway. It is It is 22 km North of Boisar on the Western Railway line.

Vaitarana, Saphala, Palghar, Umroli, Boisar, Vangaon are the list of stations comes on the way to Dahanu road from Virar.

The name "Dahanu Gaon" originates from the word "Dhenu Gram" meaning the village of cows. A lot of cattle, particularly cows were owned by the people in Dahanu.

Today, Dahanu has become a major commercial and industrial town in the Thane district. It is well known for rose gardens, coconut grooves and the chickoo fruit and accounts for over 35% of India's chickoo production. Rubber balloons, rice mills and manufactured goods, are major manufacturing products which are produced in Dahanu. There is also a 500-MW power plant that supplies electricity to Mumbai. The electricity is distributed by Reliance Energy. It was formerly owned by the government.

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Dayanand M Devadiga  (Navi Mumbai)
Sir, Now Harbour line is more crowded as compared to last 2-3 years. Kurla station is main junction for harbour line. For peak hours it is very difficult to Catch CST to Panvel train., During the said hours there is no space to commuters stand in the platform. Honourable Railway minister, please provide extra train for Kurta- panvel, Panvel - Kurla in peak hours. I hope you will consider our request ASAP.
Bharat parikh  (Mumbai Western Railway Kandivali )
sir I am working at Vasai I prefer to take slow train from Kandivali at 7.59 AM . but to surprise train arrives 3 minites early then normal time. & their is no other way to go to vasai I can not alight that train because train after that train takes to platform no 7 or 8 7 15 TO 20 MINITS THERE IS NO TRAIN EVEN FROM BORIVALI. CAUSUNG REAL TROUBLE TO PASSANGER I REQUIEST RAILWAY GUARD TO OBSERVE THE TIMING ACCURATLY AS SLOPW TRAIN FROM KANDIVALI TO VASAI VIRAR FREQUENCY IS VERY LESS.
Vikas  (Navi Mumbai)
please make a mobile app of this so that people can use it very easily on their smartphones
shardul jani  (Mumbai)
Honourable Railway Minister, I thank you for coming out with innovative ideas in the interest of commuters & you have taken excellent initiaves for vulnerable commuters, including reservation of seats for senior citizens in local trains. Sir, at the outset I would like to bring to your notice the following real life situations encountered by passengers travelling with children; 1. Mother holding an infant in a general compartment, waiting for someone to offer a seat. Nobody takes initiative, not even the 4th seated passenger! Disappointed father looks on. 2. Parents travelling with two children in a general compartment during morning peak hours, lady requests for a seat. A passenger grumbles” Why are you travelling during office hours? You should have boarded the ladies coach!” Passengers behave like mute spectators, however a sensible co-passenger offers his seat. 3. Parents are seated with children. A lady passenger boards at Dadar & tells the parents “ Please take the children in your lap. A ticketless child is not a passenger & must not be seated!” Heated argument ensues & co-passengers convince the parents to vacate the seats of their children. 4. Father holding his son & standing in the free space between the seats. The child cannot control his leg movements beyond a particular time and his leg rubs against the shirt of a seated passenger. The father apologises, however the passenger yells “If you cannot control your child, why are you travelling?” Finally, the child is made to stand to prevent any further unpleasantries. 5. Parents with children are about to get down at Andheri. Even before the train halts, the parents are pushed out & one of the child gets hit at the door. Child cries & parents object to such unruly behaviour, but culprit co-passenger shouts “This is a daily norm. Why do you travel when you have no experience of alighting ?” The parent argues & is slapped but avoids reacting, because of his family. Other passengers, unconcerned move on. One of the above incidents happened to me. There are numerous other instances where injustice & rude behaviour is meted out to travelling parents, but go unnoticed. From my experience, I have concluded: 1. Passengers, except for a few good Samaritans, do not like to relinquish their seat for the needy. Window seaters are especially more possessive about their prized seat. 2. There is extreme dislike for commuters with children, senior citizens & reserved seats. Passengers dislike being told by senior citizens to vacate seats. There is visible frustration in term of behavioural change. Co-passengers have been noticed to discuss & vent their anger on the reservation rule favouring senior citizens. 3. Most of the commuters consider a seat as their right, & it overrides any social responsibility towards senior citizens & parents travelling with children. 4. Commuters will observe social responsibility only if a law or rule is forced upon them & monitored vigorously. A striking example is able-bodied passengers thronging the disabled compartment. Dear Sir, I am surprised that the plight of children-bearing commuters has escaped the attention of railways. They are also as vulnerable as senior citizens, when travelling with children. Unless laws are passed for them, it is futile to expect any social responsibility from reluctant commuters. Since exercising rights assumes precedence, It has now become a subject matter of compulsion or enforcement. I hereby request you enact the following laws in this regard; 1. Parents commuting with children in general coach must be given a right to any seat, on demand. Preference must be given to female parent. It will not be over-burdening to other seated commuters, if children are seated on the parent’s lap. Children can be included for separate seats at a later stage. 2. If only a female parent is travelling with child, then the rule must preferably apply for the ladies compartment. This will also help in decongesting the general compartment. 3. Non-compliance by commuters in vacating the seat or any misbehaviour by them including physical or verbal abuse must be dealt with rigorously dealt with. Aggrieved commuters must have a right to pull chain & register a complaint against errant passengers. 4. A helpline number must be created to register any grievance. These ideas are inclusive, & not exhaustive. If implemented, these measures will impart justice & safety to vulnerable passengers. Yours Sincerely, SHARDUL JANI.
sandip pawar  (panvel)
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