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Do you Live in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune or somewhere near Mumbai?
Wanna make out weekend plans for this weekend?
What can be the better place for hanging out near Mumbai?

Of course. It's Matheran- And here you get how to reach there......

Matheran is a beautiful Hill Station and must visit place near by Mumbai. It is located in the Raigad district. It is approximate 90 km from Mumbai, and 120 km from Pune by road.

The name Matheran has a wonderful meaning and that is "forest on the forehead of the mountains". It is one of the rare places in the world where vehicles are strictly prohibited, which makes the place clean and pollution free, which is absolutely awesome. You hear about this place and ACTUALLY VISIT there is totally a different experience. It's really wonderful to be at Matheran and walk across the road and mountains. It reminds us the Stone Age where when the concept of vehicle was not introduced.


There are lots of points of attractions around the mountains. There are around 38 points in Matheran like the Panorama Point which provides a 360 degree view and the Neral town. The most exciting thing is to view the sunset and the sunrise. The other attractions are Louisa Point, Prabal Fort, Porcupine Point, Rambagh Point, One Tree Hill Point, Hart Point, Monkey Point and more.

Neral Matheran Toy Train is a heritage train managed by the Central Railways. Covering a distance of about 20 km, it travels up the mountain, from where tourists can enjoy fascinating views of dense forests and hills.

Matheran is a vehicle-free zone so the best way to get around is on foot. You can also take a pony or a hand-pulled rickshaw.

You can book the Rail Ticket from Use the code "CST" for Mumbai CST or "PUNE" for Pune Junction as a Start Station or whatever your start Station is. Then Enter End Station as "MAE" that is Matheran and enters your dates of your travel. Find and Book the ticket and have memorable Experience there. Train Numbers from Neral, Train Timings are listed below.
If you are planning for Matheran this weekend, wish you very Safe and Happy Journey..... :)

Neral To Matheran Train TimeTableNeral to Matheran Train TimeTable

Old Train Number New Train Number Neral Matheran Comments
601 52001 7:30 9:30 Regular
603 52003 9:00 11:10 Regular
605 52005 10:35 12:30 Regular
607 52007 11:40 13:40 Regular
609 52009 12:50 15:05 New Train
611 52011 17:05 19:00 Regular

Neral To Matheran Train TimeTableMatheran To Neral Train TimeTable

Old Train Number New Train Number Matheran Neral Comments
602 52002 7:00 8:35 Regular
604 52004 9:50 11:35 Regular
606 52006 12:35 14:00 New Train
608 52008 13:50 15:25 Regular
610 52010 15:15 16:50 Regular
612 52013 16:30 18:10 Regular

Matheran Toy Train Fare Details  Matheran Toy Train Fare Details

Matheran Toy Train Fare Details
  1st Class Fare = Rs. 210 (Rs. 185 Base Fare + Rs. 25 Reservation)
  2nd Class Fare = Rs. 35 (Rs. 20 Base Fare + Rs.15 Reservation )
  Book Online Toy Train Tickets to Matheran from atleast 3-4 days in Advance.
  Enter source station code as "NRL" for Neral and Destination Code as "MAE" for Matheran
Neral To Matheran Images
Neral To Matheran Images
Neral To Matheran Images
Neral To Matheran Images

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