Malls in Mumbai,Mumbai Market – BEST PLACES FOR SHOPPING

Mumbai is known for it’s in vogue boutiques, markets and shopping centers. In any case, there are additionally some great markets offering everything from shoes to gifts. Look no further to locate the best shopping in Mumbai. Now days, Mumbai is known for its architect shops and shopping centers instead of its business sectors. Be that as it may, in case you're after a deal, fantastic photograph opportunities, or some fascinating keepsakes to take back home, you won't be frustrated. Some of the top markets are


Colaba Causeway: Colaba CausewayThe regular carnival that is the Colaba Causeway business sector is a shopping knowledge like no other in Mumbai. Equipped particularly towards voyagers, that notorious Indian saying of "sab kuch milega" (you'll get everything) positively applies at this business sector. Evade determined inflatable and guide merchants, as you wander along the walkway and scrutinize the slows down. Need your name composed on a grain of rice? That is conceivable as well. On the off chance that you require a break from shopping, pop into Leopold's Cafe, two understood Mumbai joints.

Chor Bazaar: Chor BazaarExplore your way through swarmed lanes and disintegrating structures, and you'll discover Chor Bazaar, settled in the heart of Muslim Mumbai. This interesting business sector has a history traversing over 150 years. Its name signifies "criminals market", however this was gotten from the British error of the unique name of chor Bazaar, "boisterous business sector". In the long run stolen merchandise began discovering their way into the business sector, bringing about it satisfying its new name!

Linking Road: Linking RoadA combination of current and customary, and East meets West, in one of Mumbai’s hippest rural areas. Here lanes slows down appear differently in relation to brand name shops, and you'll discover an Indian roadside sustenance merchant on one side of the street and a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet on the other. The road slows down have a tendency to be gathered together as per the kind of products they offer. On the off chance that you visit this business sector on a Sunday, be arranged for the group!

Fashion Street: Fashion StreetStyle Street is actually simply that a road lined with design! There are around 150 slows down there. The business sector draws in crowds of young people and undergrads, who come to get the most recent western garments and fake brand names at shabby costs.

Mumbai is the awesome destination for a noteworthy shopping background. This city offers you a few shopping venues where you can satisfy all you're shopping needs. There are a few markets, shopping centers and boutiques built up in all aspects of the city. Along these lines, come and investigate the numerous strip malls of Mumbai, yet bear in mind to fill your wallet with loads of money!


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I love Mumbai very much
I like Mumbai very much
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