Konkan Railway Time Table

Towards Train Name From To Train No Days on KR Route
Goa Jan-Shatabdi Express Dadar (T) Madgaon 2051 Except wed
Madgaon Dadar (T) 2052 Except wed
Konkankanya Express CST Mumbai Madgaon 0111 Daily
Madgaon CST Mumbai 0112 Daily
Mandavi Express CST Mumbai Madgaon 0103 Daily
Madgaon CST Mumbai 0104 Daily
Mangalore Matsyagandha LTT (Kurla) Mangalore 2619 Daily
Mangalore LTT(Kurla) 2620 Daily
Kerala Netravati Express LTT(Kurla) Ernakulam 6345 Daily
Ernakulam LTT(Kurla) 6346 Daily
Rajdhani Express Nizamuddin Trivandrum 2432 M,W
Trivandrum Nizamuddin 2431 W,F
Mangala Express Nizamuddin Ernakulam 2618 Daily
Ernakulam Nizamuddin 2617 Daily
Kerala Sampark Kranti Kochveli Nizamuddin 2653 F
Nizamuddin Kochveli 2654 M
'Goa' Sampark Kranti Madgaon Nizamuddin 2449 TU
Nizamuddin Madgaon 2450 SU
Trivandrum Express Hapa Trivandrum 6333 F
Hapa Express Trivandrum Hapa 6334 TU
Nagarcoil Express Gandhidham Nagarcoil 6335 M
Gandhidham Express Nagarcoil Gandhidham 6336 F
Ernakulam Express Okha Ernakulam 6337 TU,SU
Okha Express Ernakulam Okha 6338 TH,SA
Poorna Express Pune Ernakulam 1097 SU
Ernakulam Pune 1098 TU
Marusagar Express Jaipur Ernakulam 2978 SA
Ernakulam Jaipur 2977 M
Trivandrum Express Jodhapur Trivandrum 6311 TH
Trivandrum Jodhpur 6312 SU


Konkan Railway        View Map

The Konkan Railway line which runs along the konkan coast of India, between Mumbai and Mangluru. It was made and operated by the Konkan Railway Corporation. It starts from Roha(Maharashtra) to Thokur(Karnataka) , a total distance of 741 km along the west coast of India and western ghat .The entire route is a single-line track, and it is not electrified. The total length of the railway line is 738 kilometers. It has been designed for high-speed traffic of 160 kilometers per hour, the fastest train of this route is the trivendrum rajdhani express, and at present this train runs at a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour. There is a spectacular view parallel to line which runs parallel to the Arabian Sea coastline.

The Konkan Railway connects the three states i.e. Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, There are three trains that the konkan railway had launched to cater to the holiday rush during the Ganesh Chaturthi. And the three trains are, 00112 /00111 Madgaon - Vasai Road - Madgaon Special Train (Reserved Express) , 00115/00116 Vasai Road - Mangalore - Vasai Road Special Train (Reserved Express) and 00118/00117 Ratnagiri - Vasai Road – Ratnagiri Special Train (Reserved Express).


Like other railway divisions there are no divisions of the konkan railway. It has two different regions along with headquarters at Karwar( Karnataka) and Ratnagiri (Maharashtra). The region of Ratnagiri covers a wider of 480 km from Roha to Sawantwadi in Maharashtra, and the region of Karwar covers area of 660 km beginning from Pernem in Goa to Surathkal in Karnataka. It is constructed in such a way that the high-speed trains with maximum speed of 160 km could easily pass through it. Currently, Trivandrum Rajdhani Express is the fastest train, which runs on this route at a maximum speed of 110 km per hour.

This route divides the national highway NH-17 at several places. Even though, it is a single line route, the lines of the Konkan Railway and South-Western Railway run parallel from Majorda to Margao, which makes it a double line route. There are a total of 56 stations on this route. Here you can see the map of Kankan railway:

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