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In Mumbai, Local Trains are considered as "Life Line" of Mumbai. Around 7 Million (70 Lac) People travel just through Local Trains.

Mumbai is spreaded over lac's of square-feet and hence people across the Mumbai needs to travel sometimes to the other end of the Mumbai for their Jobs and Businesses. Parallel to this, you will find lac's of private vehicles, public transport vehicles on the road. So, If you have private vehicle and want to travel by road, it will take hours to reach your destination. So, Local Train seems to be the better option for most of the Mumbaikars. Yes, It Saves TIME as well as MONEY.

Every Mumbaikar Lives his life with such a Spirit and we salute them. I dedicate this site to all of you who travel daily through Local Transportation. Here you will find everything you need to know about Local Transportation. Local Train Schedules, Timings for all the Trains on all the routes, Mumbai Local Train Map, Local Train Fare. Also,you will find Neral to Matheran Train Timings, if you want to make a weekend trip with your family and friends. Also, We have Introduced Local/Express Train schedules for Mumbai - Lonawala - Khandala - Pune Trains. Enjoy the Site and Feel Free to give your Feedback.


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Manish  (Chembur)
Hi., i want updated rate of Season pass rate for HARBOUR line, kindly help me pls..
prashant Ankush Chaugule  (Mumbai)
fairs shown in the mumbai local train fair calculator is not correct. While booking actual train jouney ticket at the suborbun railway station, there is a large difference between the ticket issued by a booking clerk and your mumbai local fare calculator. (i.e. your calculator showing a monthly season ticket for Mira Road to Bandra is Rs.580/- and actual seasong ticket issued by your booking clerk is Rs.660/-)
savio  (mumbai)
good service ..but harbour line rates not yet updated
Gyanendra Singh  (Mumbai Central)
its awesome.....well done Mumbai
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